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Before you can sell your business, it is critical to have a sound exit strategy in place.  The article “Preparing to Leave” by Veronica Dagher explains why:

The wealth of many boomers is tied up in businesses they own. And that can be a problem when it comes time to retire.

Too many owners aren’t prepared for the day when they’ll need to cash out. Some haven’t done their homework to figure out what the business is really worth. Others undermine their company’s value with their inability to let go.

Advance planning for the sale of a business is more important than ever, given today’s economic uncertainty and how portfolios have suffered over the past decade. Even when families transfer ownership to the next generation without a sale, the tax consequences can be huge without proper planning.

The article goes on to describe common mistakes that business owners make when selling their businesses:

  • Creating a business that’s too dependent on the owner
  • Ignoring the tax benefits of planning ahead
  • Incorrectly valuing the business
  • Rushing to accept a rich number
  • Hiring your brother-in-law to do the deal
  • Underestimating the emotional impact of selling a business

The team at Forward Results, LLC has the resources and expertise necessary to avoid these issues and create a sound exit strategy to ensure your success.

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Selling Your Business to a Third Party

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Selling Your Business to a Third Party

Selling Your Company to a Third Party

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Preparing a business for sale to a third party and completing the transaction takes time and attention to detail. 

It takes more focused planning, skill, and stamina than many business owners expect. 

Keep in mind that only half of all businesses that are for sale experience execution of a transaction, and that sale prices are influenced by the ups and downs of the marketplace. 

We believe that the best way to insure the success of a third-party sale is to get organized well in advance of putting the company on the market.

Defined processes and procedures in all business disciplines are what we prescribe and actually assist with the implementation and execution.

 In addition to improving the likelihood of closing the deal, doing so also significantly reduces stress and improves the probability of increased profits and cash flow.

The members of Forward Results, LLC can assist with a successful plan that may be implemented 5 – 10 years before a third party sale.

Contact us at or 713-261-2411.

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