When Not Crunching Numbers, Accountant Jams on Drums

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When Not Crunching Numbers, Accountant Jams on Drums

Houston Chronicle - JAMMING ON DRUMS


Gary Cooper and Band Jam on the News!

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Check out this link to watch Gary Cooper and the Forward Results Band Jam crew live on Houston’s ABC 13!


Miya Shay was an excellent reporter, and the whole crew had a terrific day filled with a lot of interviews and even more jamming!

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When Not Crunching Numbers, Accountant Jams on his Drums

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HERE is the link to the article that was posted to Chron.com about Mr. Gary Cooper: 


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Gary N. Cooper has loved music for as long as he can remember. Cooper began playing the drums when he was just 9 years old, but life, and a busy career as an entrepreneur and certified public accountant, caused him to fall out of practice as an adult. That didn’t stop him from sharing his passion for music with his three sons, including his eldest, Chris, who became a songwriter and musician. Chris has written more than 200 songs, some professionally recorded and produced by Cooper.

It was the desire to create music with his son that caused Cooper to pick up the drums again after a 30-year hiatus. Cooper built a recording studio at his CPA practice in the Heights and, before long, the father-son jam sessions had turned into quite the social event for Houston executives who had put their musical aspirations on hold while pursuing more “practical” careers.

“At first, (the recording studio) was really for him more than me, but then we really started playing, and we started purchasing better equipment – and then we decided to see if we could throw a party and get people to come,” Cooper said.

After as many as 30 businesspeople showed up to participate in Cooper’s first jam session, he began hosting the events once a month. That was more than five years ago; Cooper’s more recent jam sessions have boasted as many as 150 attendees.

“It’s quite an event – a lot of businesspeople,” he said. “(The jam session atmosphere is) mild – no one gets drunk or crazy. It’s a late-night networking event – and everyone is here to have a good time, meet some new people and enjoy themselves.”

When he’s not busy running his expanding CPA practice or jamming with his son and other local businesspeople, Cooper enjoys working out, participating in Bible study fellowship and bay fishing.

For more information on Gary N. Cooper or Cooper CPA Group, call 713-243-8590, email info@garycoopercpa.com or visit www.garycoopercpa.com. Gary N. Cooper CPA is also on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

NAME: Gary N. Cooper
AGE: 58
OCCUPATION: Entrepreneur; certified public accountant
FAST FACT: Cooper collects autographed albums

Megan Mattingly-Arthur is a freelance writer. She can be reached at neighborhoods@chron.com.

I Was Never Told (To Be Responsible For My Own Taxes)

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Here is one of the many great articles written by Cooper CPA Group’s very own, David Acosta.



By David G. Acosta CPA

Cooper CPA Group PC


I guess this is the most repeated excuse I hear whenever I represent a taxpayer in an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audit.  Taxpayers that fail to take responsibility for their own taxes always look to blame someone else when they get caught with either unreported income or unsubstantiated expenses.  And, of course, it’s the tax preparer who mostly gets the blame.

In some cases it’s simple – it IS the tax preparer’s fault.  But that is usually because the taxpayer is your brother-law who took an accounting course once in college, or a friend of a friend who thinks they can do anything, like build you a kitchen cabinet, fix your washing machine, or tell you which stocks to buy.  And it’s usually free.  But you know what they say…”you get what you pay for.”

But even if it’s not free, it’s probably the cheapest preparer that can be found, because most often taxpayers only look at cost of services and not value. You can’t expect to get tax preparation, tax planning , and scrutiny of potential tax savings from the same person on the cheap.  But a good CPA can usually save you at least whatever you paid him or her to prepare your taxes. 

That’s because good CPAs think long term.  They’re not just thinking April 15.  Their job starts January 1 and never stops, i.e. they help you think about your tax situation as an ongoing event.  We’ve all heard  that saying , “nothing is certain except death and taxes” but most taxpayers plan for neither.  And that’s not good. 

But what I’m also getting at is that you have to take responsibility for your own taxes.  People (usually) don’t want to know what’s going on with their tax situation until it’s too late.  They roll the dice of audit chances and figure since the IRS audits less than one percent of all tax returns, then it’s a pretty good bet they won’t get checked out. (P.S. That percentage changes depending on the type of return.)

A good CPA will encourage you to look at your taxes now and forever.  This thinking will help you save money, whether or not you get audited.  It will help you in other facets of your life as well.  It helps you be more organized and more productive.   And think about what you can do with those savings.  Maybe you can take that vacation you always wanted to.  Or, they can help you with tuition for that overachieving son or daughter.  Maybe you want to sock it away and relax in your Golden years.  You might even want to sleep better every night knowing that for the most part, you’ve taken responsibility for your own financial happiness.

Tap Your Retirement Money Early; Minimize Penalties

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2013 Tax Changes for Individuals

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