Succession planning is a process that helps business owners decide where they want to go, as well as how to get there.  We have a team of experienced professionals that will work in collaboration to assist the business owner with achieving their goals and objectives.  Our team of trained and experienced advisors is designed to guide the business owner through choices and decisions as they work toward their exit goal. 

How we work:

We work as a part of an inter-disciplinary team of advisors in a coordinated effort to assist our client with meeting their defined goals and objectives.  We understand that a successful succession plan is a product of trained, experienced professionals who work in collaboration to meet our client’s expectations and allow for a smooth transition. 

We will create an owner-centered succession plan based on defined goals, objectives and concerns.  Only after listening carefully to your answers to the defined questions we have in our material, do we begin to create the business owner’s unique succession plan.

The results of our efforts could lead to many alternatives.  The business owner could continue to operate a more organized well managed business; become an absentee owner with well defined processes and procedures for management; transfer ownership to family members; sell  the business to the employees; or  sell the business to a third party.